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Is it time for your child to kick off, tumble or handspring their way into cheerleading?

It doesn’t matter if your child has never done a handstand or forward roll before or whether they’re seasoned cheerleaders.

We have a range of cheerleading programs for beginners to advanced that caters to all levels of Cheerleading, Tumbling (acro), and Pom.

You will find our highly trained coaches are focused on fun, fitness, and skill development. With classes delivered in a safe, professional, and encouraging environment.

Whether you have a child who wishes to participate in Cheer competitions or a child who’d prefer to participate at a recreational level, we have a class for you.

Our Cheerleading Classes

We welcome males and females of all ages and stages. With a range of cheerleading, acro, stunting, tumbling classes, and pom/dance classes, you will find something to enjoy.

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An amazing sport that can help athletes build confidence, learn important life skills and make friends. Our classes are designed to get kids moving, learning and having fun!

tumbling and acro classes with synergy cheer and dance tasmania

Tumbling & Acro

Learn to flip, twist, roll, and jump while also learning new skills and building on their current tumbling skills. All while improving their body’s flexibility and strength.

pom and dance classes with synergy cheer and dance tasmania in hobart


A great alternative or addition to regular dance classes and combine the world of Cheer and dance. Develop techniques, coordination, and more.

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recreational cheerleading classes in hobart with synergy cheer and dance tasmania


Private Lessons

All ages and stages

mini classes in hobart with synergy cheerleading and dance tasmania


5 to 8 Years

youth classes in hobart with synergy cheerleading and dance tasmania


9 to 11 Years

junior cheerleading classes in hobart with synergy cheerleading and dance tasmania


10 to 14 years

open classes in hobart with synergy cheerleading and dance tasmania


15+ Years

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15 and over

Are you new to the world of cheer?

Book a free trial class for your child to see what cheerleading is all about.

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Why choose cheerleading

Cheerleading is an incredible sport that encourages people of all ages to develop lifelong physical, mental, and emotional skills such as teamwork, fitness, confidence, and resilience. Athletes from 5 year olds to high school and beyond are involved in cheerleading to build:

Teamwork & Friendship

Cheerleading is a team sport that emphasises people’s strengths to achieve the best result for the team. Athletes learn to work together, rely on each other, and accept each other for who they are. Our club becomes a place where people do not feel judged by anyone and make lifelong friends.

Confidence & Spirit

Cheer can infuse athletes with a confidence that will strengthen their overall personality. When young athletes form strong relationships with their cheer teams and coaches it can give them an emotional base they can rely on for years. As athletes train, they develop the confidence to perform in front of an audience and face new challenges.

Fitness & Strength

Cheerleading is a unique sport as it includes different aspects of other activities to create a routine such as tumbling, gymnastics, partner stunts, dance, and jump. Cheer is a fun and motivating way to get fit. Being in a team creates a commitment that is more encouraging than exercising alone.

Adults - want a fun way to stay fit?

Don’t let the kids have all the fun. We offer adult cheerleading classes too.

Cheer is a great way to build your fitness and strength, especially your core.

The first class is free too.

So no excuses. Come along and have some fun while burning a few calories — what a win/win.

adult recreational cheer classes at synergy cheer and dance tasmania

My daughter has been an athlete with Synergy Cheer & Dance for 4 years. During this time, she has formed wonderful friendships, developed her strength and fitness. Along with the opportunity to attend competitions.

The fantastic coaches are incredibly supportive, creating not just a team, but a family environment.

I highly recommend giving Cheer a try as it is an amazing way to develop your child’s confidence and resilience.


Lenah Valley

My Daughter has been with Synergy Cheer and Dance for the past five years and loves everything about her club, FUN, LAUGHTER, FRIENDS, and the family environment.

Her confidence has grown over this time with great coaching and development from the team. She has also gained a sense of commitment and leadership towards her peers.



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